The Book

Unlocking the Mysteries of Light Language

How it came to be .........

As I continue on this path of the Language of Light it has changed me in numerous ways though it is often hard for me to gauge how a tool changes me because there are so many different ones in play at all times. If I were to reflect, I would say that I am, perhaps, more open intuitively, and my tendency to over analyze is less as is my tendency to overreact. Yes, I am admitting that.  I have seen so many blessings, which some would call miracles, through working with the Language of Light.  It opens me more every day. 

 Since I began to consciously transmit the Language of Light, I have shared it through many channels. Some of those are Light Language Galleries, Light Language Immersion Weekends, clients, now two published books focusing on Light Language (out of seven total published books), zoom classes, Facebook lives, impromptu with total strangers, at psychic and vendor fairs, interviews, podcasts, and more. 

So, I would say it has definitely expanded my connection to Source, my trust in my own intuition, healing of my body, mind, spirit, and emotions, and allowed me to help others. 

 I look forward to hearing how it changes you.  It is subtle for most.  There are those that feel the immediate shift, though.  Perhaps you will be one of those instant-gratification humans that feel the change right away.  Let me know.

Light Language Transmission

Confidence of Self

 The Beings are stressing confidence in self here.  It is required to trust that you are, indeed, being of service to the Divine Source so that is what they are working on for you.  This is meant as an unwinding.

Light Language Transmission

Divine Wisdom Recalibration

Just as it sounds.  They are recalibrating your Divine Wisdom.  For so many beings and for so many life experiences, the human has forgotten their Divinity. 

This is a recalibration.

Light Language Transmission

Focus on your receiver and generator

They are referring to the transmission of the Language of Light through body movement. 

They were specifically showing me the regeneration organs (Womb for women and prostate for men). Thus, they are working on that part of the body. They said that transmitting from this part of the body is “life-giving”.


How Light Language Has Changed others

Hi, I received my book today and I got a Telya as soon as I took it out of the packaging and put it in my hands.  I started by vibrating. The energy is off the charts. My hands started to shake, my lips started to quiver then I put it on my chest, and I felt like I was gonna take off!!!  
This book is a comprehensive guide to understanding and using Light Language, a powerful form of spiritual communication. Ms. Walls provides an in-depth explanation of the history and principles of Light Language, as well as practical exercises and techniques for using it. She also provides helpful advice on how to use Light Language to heal and manifest your desires. I found the book to be very informative and easy to understand. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about Light Language and its potential for personal growth and transformation.
I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a Light Language session with Patricia Walls. I was amazed at the profound healing and transformation that took place during the session. Patricia is a gifted and intuitive practitioner who is able to access and channel the powerful energies of Light Language. She was able to help me connect to my higher self and access the wisdom and healing that I needed. I felt a deep sense of peace and clarity after the session, and I am so grateful for the healing and guidance that Patricia provided. I highly recommend Patricia's Light Language sessions to anyone looking for a powerful and transformative experience. 
I’ve been working with Patricia Walls for several years. When I heardheard, she was going to start sharing Light Language readings I was thrilled, intrigued, and ALL IN. Patricia’s style, level of integrity, ability, and connection to source is truly magical and deeply grounded. My experience was as usual profound! When I am working with her it is in all ways a sacred, rich, and rewarding experience. I received clear, direct, and loving guidance from a masterful place. Thank You Patricia for all you do in service to humanity, Gaia, and our Ascension. With immense generosity of spirit in every experience with every soul you light the way for so many.