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These 30-minute zoom sessions help resolve emotional/mental patterns in the cellular memory, and to open and recode or activate light codes in the DNA. Because these sessions are channeled messages, activations and transmissions, they are personal to you, and come from a higher source, there is no English translation. It is felt and integrated energetically versus going through the egoic English translation.  This is where you learn trust in your team, yourself, and source. 

Many of you are having vibratory expansion/ascension symptoms due to megalithic shifts that the earth and all of her inhabitants are feeling at this time.  The physical results that you will notice right away is a feeling of being lighter, happier, more aligned and more at peace. And you will begin to see those changes occur in your everyday environment. The other changes may not be so apparent to you as they will integrate with grace and ease.  You will, though, see massive changes in your life in the next 8 months.

Benefits of Light Language

  • Activate DNA and the pineal gland

  • Increases intuition and connection to Source

  • Activates dormant frequency encodements to increase your light quota

  • Releases energetic blockages (including genetic and past life)

  • Connects you to your higher source wisdom

  • Energetic emotional, physical, mental healing

  • Relaxation and revelation of your own gifts

  • Aligns your more fully to the new earth energies

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