Unlocking the Mysteries OF

     Light Language

What Is

Light Language

Light Language is a frequency coded form of communication that comes from God/Source/Universe. It brings change on a molecular or quantum level. Some say it helps elevate the mind by accessing our higher consciousness and the frequencies of source and or the celestial realms and galactic Beings.

Galactic Frequencies of Light

Galactic Frequencies of Light is the first of the Light Language Books. This one was co-written with 3 other amazing Light Language transmitters.  It is available for purchase through Amazon and also from any one of us. 

Light Language Galleries

I offer Light Language Galleries in several locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. You can see a schedule of those events HERE

Light Language Immersion 

Sharon Varner and I facilitate Light Language Immersion Weekends twice a year in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. For more information click HERE

Unlocking the Mysteries of Light Language

Unlocking the Mysteries of Light Language is my second of the Light Language books.  I am the solo author of this book.  It is due to be published and available through Amazon by July 2023

I am available for Light Language Galleries, speaking engagements and book signings.