Wearing the Frquencies

I have created wearable intentional frequencies of enlightenment, healing and expansion. The designs are channeled transmissions of codes and frequencies of light, healing and information. 
These are but a few of the options. There are many more on my Etsy store. Link below.

Focus on Your Hands

The intention is as it sounds, to activate your hands to transmit the Language of Light. 

Divine Wisdom Recalibration

Just as it sounds. They are recalibrating your Divine Wisdom. For so many beings and for so many life experiences, the human has forgotten their Divinity. This is a recalibration.

Focus on Your Speech Mechanisms

They were showing me the mouth and throat. So, it isn’t just your “mouthpiece” as they call it. The larynx is involved as are the lungs. All or anything that involves speaking the Language of Light is being activated.

Bringing You Online

Meaning the frequency is meant to align you with your own remembrance of the Language of Light.