12 Week Spiritual Expansion Program

Patricia Walls, Facilitator

12-Week personal mentoring with Patricia Walls intended to assist you in healing and expansion on your spiritual journey.
What you will achieve in your time with me:
  • Remove the blocks, stories, programming, limiting beliefs and karmic imprints that are stopping you from thriving.

  • Expand your frequency so you become a magnet for joyful reality, aligned with highest destiny.

  • Accelerate your healing journey with powerful energetic techniques because in your time with me you will go deep and directly to your energetic imprints.

  • Establish a simple yet powerful and effective routine that will bring you into resonance with a joyful and fulfilling reality.

  • Transform any limiting beliefs or programs about money into a genuine abundance and prosperity mindset.

  • Receive transmissions that will automatically revise your circle so you can enjoy more authentic, nurturing and fulfilling ones.

  • Learn to connect with your higher self safely and effectively.

  • Learn techniques to protect yourself from negative energies and psychic attacks.

  • Find clarity about your soul purpose and follow your path joyfully and smoothly.

 What to expect:

  • This program is simple and flexible.

  • It’s go-at-your-own-pace. You decide the time and date each week by self-scheduling.

  • Free actionable activities and resources to help you through this difficult journey

  • 12 weekly meetings on zoom where you will receive guidance, activations, downloads, and light language transmissions.

I HAVE designed this course to give you some breathing space and self-reflection time.

You move at your own pace with this course.  Why?  Because there is no set schedule.  Why?  Because you decide when you want to do the work.  How?  You simply go onto my Calendly page and book your next session for the date and time that will work best for your schedule. Easy Breezy. 

In other words, if you’re too busy to read through the hundreds of spiritual awakening advice articles out there, this free course will save you hours of reading and condense it all into easy-to-understand bites with the major benefit of personal guidance.